PSQCA’s Recognition Scheme for Inspection Agencies

PSQCA is regulating inspection agencies since 1982 under Inspection Agencies (Registration and Regulation) Rules, and PSQCA’s Act No. VI (1996) clause XXII in accordance with ISO/IEC guides and Standards. In year 2006, PSQCA decided to align its Inspection Agencies Registration criteria with the international standard for registration of inspection Agencies ISO/IEC Standards General criteria for operation of various types of Agencies performing inspection’ keeping in view the registration of its Inspection Agencies internationally through MoUs signed by PSQCA with different National Standards Agencies of the World. Initially PSQCA was regulating inspection agencies in accordance with ISO/IEC guides (General Requirements for the acceptance of inspection Agencies), subsequently updated with International norms and latest International Standards (practices). The PSQCA’s registration Scheme for Inspection Agencies (IAs) provides a formal registration of an inspection Agencies services for its integrity and reliability. Achieving effective inspection is important as it ensures the safety of public health, environment, plant machinery, equipment, structures and systems in operation. Inspection Agencies will be assessed based on the international standards, “General Requirement for the Operation of Various Types of Agencies Performing Inspection”. Upon registration to the standard, the organization is deemed to be capable of meeting standards of quality, performance, technical competence and professional judgment. Besides this international standard, there are also specific technical guidelines/notes which the inspection body needs to comply with, depending on the area of inspection. Registration of inspection Agencies is granted for specific scope of inspection activities. After registration of inspection Agencies will prefer the inspection activities as per Law, otherwise the legal action could be initiated against the unregistered inspection Agencies.