• Setting up of standards on quality and dimensions, preparation & promotion of general adoption of Pakistan Standards Specifications, operation of Certification Marks Scheme & coordination of the efforts of manufacturers and consumers for the improvement of standardization and provide assistance in the manufacture of quality products.
  • Testing and assessment of industrial raw materials & finished products to establish their quality, grade and composition conforming to national & international standard specifications in various fields like chemical products and formulations, textiles, food items, building materials, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic goods and appliances etc and provision of consultancy services to various industrial units so as to achieve improvement of quality of their products.
  • Work on standardization improvement of analytical methods, procedures and consultancy in the field of metallurgy. Inspection & testing of products and services for their quality specifications and characteristics during use & import and export purposes.
  • Grant, renewal, suspension, cancellation or withdraw of a licence or certification in relation to use of any of the Authority Marks.
  • Enforcement and implementation of quality and environmental management systems that is ISO:9001-2000 and ISO:14000 and assistance to local industries to obtain certifications for these systems.
  • Coordination and Cooperation with other national, regional and international organizations, association, societies, institutions or councils, whether incorporate or not, whose objectives are wholly or in part similar to those of the Authority.