Q.1 What does PSQCA stand for and what is its mandate?

Ans. PSQCA stands for Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority, its mandate is to formulate Pakistan National Standard. And Quality Control of the products Notified by Federal Government as Technical regulation. PSQCA also certify the voluntarily products other than Technical Regulations.

Q.2 What are PSQCA roles and responsibility to ensure quality control especially in food sector?

Ans. PSQCA has to ensure the Quality of Thirty Eight (38) foods products for their local manufacturing sales and Import for protect health and safety of consumers.

Q.3 With which International organizations/body does PSQCA partner with/is affiliated with?

Ans. PSQCA is full member of ISO, IEC, IECEE and OIML at International level and the member of SMIIC, SARSO and RISCAM at regional level.

Q.4 For which items the consumer needs to ensure and check Pakistan Standard logo on the packaging?

Ans. The companies certified by PSQCA are authorized to use PSQCA logo on their products. The consumers need to check PSQCA Logo for their confidence for purchase of Quality Products.

Q.5 What is the criteria of certifying a food product?

Ans. PSQCA is certifying the products as per International practices, i.e. 1. Checking the facility of manufacturer for producing the Quality products. 2. Testing of the product at manufacture Laboratory and 3rd party laboratory for the conformance against relevant Pakistan Standard. 3. Random sampling of product from factory as well as from open market for testing and conformance of product.

Q.6 Are there any PSQCA labs for testing food products?

Ans. Yes, PSQCA has established state of art laboratories at Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar for testing of products.

Q.7 What ways/means are adopted to test and certify a food product?

Ans. Same as reply of Sr. No 5.

Q.8 What are the efforts of PSQCA towards implementing the quality standards that it adheres?

Ans. PSQCA ensures that the PSQCA certified product being sold in market shall qualify the Conformity Assessment, requirement as per Pakistan Standard.

Q.9 What is the background of World Standard Day and why is it observed?

Ans. The World Standard Day is celebrated by International, Regional and national Standard bodies on 14th October every year to tribute the efforts of thousands of experts who develop voluntary International, Regional and National Standard within the Standard Development Organization to raise awareness among regulator Industry and consumers for the Importance of Standardization to Global economy and consumer protection.

Q.10 How can a consumer connect with PSQCA?

Ans. A consumer use the PSQCA website for his Input/ Feedback and check the list of PSQCA certified products.

Q.11 List of products that are PSQCA certified?

Ans. The certified list of products could be seen from PSQCA website.

Q.12 Is it safe to consume/use products that do not have PSQCA logo/certification?

Ans. No, Non-Certified products means no demonstration of their quality.

Q.13 Is there a cost implication to certify a product?

Ans. A nominal fees to be paid for certification of product and use of PSQCA Quality Mark.

Q.14 List of ISO certified countries?

Ans. 163 National Standard Bodies are the member of ISO wherein one country is one member, PSQCA is represent Pakistan in ISO.

Q.15 What is the objective of the theme: standards build trust?

Ans. Standards connect us with reliable mode of communication, codes of practice and trusted framework for co-operation.

Q.16 Why products that are not PSQCA certified available in the market?

Ans. The Federal Government has notified 108 product mandatory for certification of PSQCA (list could be seen on PSQCA website) whereas other products could be certified in voluntary certification Marks Scheme through which manufacturer demonstrate the Quality of his product and consumer can trust by checking the Quality Mark of PSQCA on the product.