Conformity Assessment

The proposed Pakistan Standards which are required to be brought under Compulsory Certification Marks License in the home market are notified in the Gazette of Pakistan giving a time of two months to the manufacturing units for obtaining C.M License from PSQCA.

Manufacturing units intending to obtain Certification Marks License in pursuance of the Gazette Notification may send their applications accompanying a cross cheque of Rs.1000/= payable to the Director, SDC/PSQCA as an application fee for each article either to the SDC office at 39-Garden Road, Saddar, Karachi or SDC Regional Office at Provisional Head Quarters.

The application when received from the manufacturers shall be given a Registration number after making necessary entry in the register maintained for the purpose.

The receipt of the application shall be duly acknowledged by the SDC Certification Marks Division.

The Certification Marks Division of SDC then prepare an Inspection Schedule and send an Inspector with a copy of Application Form-1 to the factory concerned or inspection and report.

During the preliminary Inspection, the Inspector shall:

  1. Verify the statement made in application.
  2. Verify the laboratory facilities available for the quality test relating to the relevant article/process.
  3. Verify the test records of routine test and Inspection if Laboratory facilities existing. In the absence of testing facilities what are the alternate arrangements available for the control of the quality of the product.
  4. Check up the quality of an article at various stages starting from raw material, during processing, at the stage of final finish of the article.
  5. Carry out tests within the factory to examine the capability of the manufacturing unit if they are in a position to meet the quality control requirements.
  6. Draw random samples of the raw materials, intermediate, semi finished and finished product for tests in the independent laboratories to examine the effectiveness of the quality control process of the manufacturing unit. In case if their quality control process found not effective then technical guidance is provided to improve it.

General Sampling Procedure (If not specified)

The random samples shall consist of three sets. The first Set bearing the seal of the Inspector should be left with the manufacturing unit and second set also bearing Inspector seal shall be sent by the manufacturing units for tests to independent Laboratories as directed by the Inspector. The third set bearing the seals of both the manufacturer and the Inspector shall constitute the reference sample to be used in case of dispute and shall be under the custody of SDC.

Periodical Inspections

SDC in addition to preliminary inspection shall also arrange at least two periodical inspections of each license, besides taking random samples from open market, godowns or otherwise for continuous checking the quality of the product whether it may be sold in the open market or manufactured within the factory. By these checks SDC ensures that the manufacturer may establish a set up quality control system for the production of quality end products.

Laboratory Tests

The laboratory shall be required to test the samples as per test sheet prepared by SDC.

The laboratory concerned shall furnish the test report in test sheet within the specified date.

SDC shall retain one copy of the test report with them and send one copy of the report to the manufacturer for information and in case sample fails to meet the requirement of relevant PSS, for rectifying the defect. The laboratories shall under intimation to the SDC send their bill of testing fee to the manufacturer concerned who shall be required to make the necessary payment of testing fee to the laboratories concerned.

Grant of C.M. License

On the recommendations of director, SDC shall issue C.M. License after having satisfied itself with inspection and test reports from laboratory. When the license is granted to a manufacturing unit, he shall be held responsible for proper use of the Certification Marks.

Fees to be paid by Licensees

  1. Licensees will be required to pay annual license fee at the rate of Rs.5000/= per year per license.
  2. Licensees are required to mark their products with PS Standard Mark as a token that product conforms to the relevant PSS. The licensee is also required to pay nominal marking fee on the quantum of annual production value.


A licensed manufacturer could display relevant Pakistan Standards number and the mark on the packing. No person shall use authority mark except under a license issued from PSQCA. Any person contravening the provisions of authority under various sections could be punished by imprisonment to one year of fine of Rs. 50,000/- or both.