The Government of Pakistan established PSQCA in 1996 with the following manadate:

  • Systematic development of standards relating to products & processes in consultation with stake holders.
  • Establish procedure to conformity assessment compliant with national & international standards
  • Develop standarization & improve analytical methods for state-of-art technology.
  • Assist manufacturing and services sector to obtain quality,system,system and environment certification under ISO-9000 & ISO-14000.
  • Focal point for national, regional and international organizations & institutions such as ISO, IEC, Codex Alimentarius and WTO.
  • National Enquiry Point (NEP) for WTO Agreement on Technical Barrier to Trade(TBT).
  • Introduce measures through standarization regarding consumer safety and health.
  • Promote quality culture and enhance awareness about sustainable development through print and electronic media.