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Sample Submission

  • Sampling should be in accordance with Pakistan Standard Procedures.
  • Samples of milk, Banaspati, Cooking oils, sugar, honey and other food items either open market or factory should be in original packing and sealed.
  • Minimum quantity of custom / import samples should be one Kg/liter.
  • Other food items like biscuits, pickles, jam jelly, Mayonnaise, turmeric, chili and spices should be in two packs of 400 grams for chemical section and two packs for microbiological section.
  • Samples from SDC should be in sealed envelope with stamp.
  • Ordinary/urgent samples will be reported on first come first basis.
  • Extra ordinary situation such as electricity failure or equipment failure or unavailability of chemicals. Report can delay. QCC will not be taking any responsibility for any loss.
  • Special Instructions of Bottle Drinking Water in Microbiology Section.

  • After filling the Bottle Drinking water, sample should be reached under 12 hours.
  • Temperature maintained at 4˚C to 10˚C.
  • Quantity of Bottled Drinking water should be 3 liter.
  • Samples would be returned on the following reasons:-

  • Test facilities are not available.
  • Samples are not properly sealed.
  • Seals are broken.
  • Quantity of sample is less than required quantity.
  • Relevant Ps is not mentioned.